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Residential + Commercial

Great design is about creativity.  Bellingham Bay Interior Designs will create inspiring, timeless, beautiful settings inspired by your personality and tastes, and seasoned with her creativity and design experience. We will meet with you to discuss the usage of your space and your design goals. Upon scheduling of the design, you will receive the consultation fee as a credit toward your design fee. 


Sell Your Home with Ease

 As professional home stagers, Bellingham Bay Interior Designs is practiced in the art of preparing a home for resale. We work with the “flow” of a home, eliminates clutter, edits and arranges furniture, and enhances curb appeal.

As the real estate industry often stresses, the first impression is the key factor in selling your home. Typically, a potential buyer has made up their mind ten seconds after they step in the front door. They were already forming an opinion as they pulled into your driveway! That really doesn’t leave too much room for error.

To achieve the greatest possible outcome, a home should always be presented at it's best the first time around. With the aid of a professional home stager, your house will make a notable first impression on potential homebuyers.

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Take the Guess Work out of Your Color Scheming

What are the complex effects of color that a professional color consultant resolves?



Vision is by far our dominant sense – and attractive color designs engage us. But there's more to it than that. A color consultant combines color psychology, current trends, demographic statistics, and color design theories to come up with a successfully informed solution. Add to that mix the science of visual and physiological effects – how color affects the human body – and you have a big picture of how color consultation works.

Color Consultations Bellingham Bay Interior Designs


Visualize your ideas in 3D and see it come to life!

Here at Bellingham Bay Interior Designs, we offer both hand renderings and CAD renderings, which is short for Computer Aided Design. CAD is used in both commercial and residential spaces, as it shows the overall appearance of designed objects.


A great reason you might want to use renderings would be if you are someone who has a hard time visualizing a space, seeing our designs in 3-D will help us communicate that vision with you! Our renderings are for visualization purposes only. Any Blueprints needed will need to be subbed out. At this time no one on staff has this skill set.